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SPM Length Measuring System,magnetic scale DCCB

  • 数字尺
  • 磁栅尺
  • 数字尺
  • 磁尺
Model No.︰DCCB
Brand Name︰Shanghai SPM
Country of Origin︰China
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

SPM Length Measuring System,magnetic scale DCCB series 

Excellent durability against workshop

conditions - resistant to oil, dirt, shock and vibration.

Compact design for a space-saving installation.
Simple structure should be conducive to long life

Length Measuring System,magnetic scale  DCCB series  specification parameter

Measuring length:

10~30000 mm


± 20 μm/3m


1 μm

Max. response speed

1 m/s

Output signal:

ABquadrature signal, compilant with EIA-422

High-precision magnetic-sensing magnoscale is a new generation displacement transducer developed in 2010 in China that represents the current trend in new technology.  This new product with national independent invention patent fills the domestic gap on production of magnetic-sensing magnetic sensorand substitutes for imported goods, now this new product is accessing to the market in volume.  Our company has become China's largest manufacturer in R & D of  magnoscales with its own intellectual property rights and establishment of international supply chains, large-scale production of magnoscale and  reading head, leading quality both at home and abroad.  Main applications of the product: industries on high-precision measuring machines, metal working machinery, glass machinery, woodworking machinery and stone machinery.  

Excellent product is built by the elite team who is powerful in the capability on marketing, technical development and production organization.  The talent force including the business team operated by professional managers, the technical development team led by senior engineers  and assemble technicians led by advanced masters has laid a solid foundation to enhance the market competitiveness of the company.  The company has completed several projects such as the establishment of Shanghai laboratory for high-precision magnoscale, the State development project of "high-precision magnoscale equipment" etc.  Our company is the deputy chairman of Digital Readout Units & Makers Sub-association of CMTBA and the main drafting unit  for national industry standard "magnoscale sensor", "magnoscale DRO" .  Our company has passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and the company will continue to carry forward its new goals of pioneering spirit, green manufacturing and serving the society.

Length Measuring System,magnetic scale  DCCB series  If you have any demand please email:jun@spmat.com

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